September 1st, 2008

Hugh Smile

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Sorry the orgy fic is so late guys, I got bogged down but I will post it. interesting day yesterday, I went to a "Slow Food" festival and some dude gave me a big heirloom tomato just because I showed some interest. It's ripening on my kitchen counter right now and I'm gonna put it in a salad later. Yummy nummers. I also went to Citizen Cake near the corner of Grove and Gough in San Fran so it's mini review time! I've never eaten a meal at this place, I just come for the high end desserts, which are heavenly! any cookies or cakes they do are fantastic, they are not cheap but they are so worth it. Also, a friend of mine showed up at my place kind of late last night, I normally do not like drop ins but this guy is one of my best friends and he recently broke up with his girlfriend and I hadn't seen him in ages so I was very happy to see him. Note to adroidmortox: I will post the answers to your letter meme here as soon as I can get roomie to show me how to post photos, he's the tech person in this apt.
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