September 3rd, 2008

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I Know This Much Is True (part 2)

Two weeks later. I had gotten to Princeton the previous evening, and by late afternoon I was feeling a bit impatient when I found a note on the door with my name on it in House's handwriting. I opened it up.

Meet me in my office.

A few bills fluttered out of the envelope which I knew were intended to be cab fare.
In the taxi on the way over, i thought it was decidedly odd that House hadn't met me at the airport or contacted me the first day I got into town, which was the usual way he greeted me. More specifically, the usual way he greeted me was to lunge for me the second we got any privacy and cover me in his velvet kisses.
"He was probably very busy with his work," I thought, getting out of the taxi and walking into the hospital. "I don't think there's anything wrong, at least I hope there isn't." I noticed, a bit nervously, that I didn't see any of the hospital personnel whom I knew apart from Nurse Brenda and she had a look that reminded me of Sean Penn with a piece of barb wire up his ass so I wasn't going to ask her any questions.
I walked up to House's office and opened up the door and my jaw dropped.
He was busy all right, but he wasn't working.
His hand was wedged between Cameron's thighs, he was getting Cuddy off with his tongue, and Wilson was slowly sliding into his rear while giving him a reach-around. I hastily stepped into the office, locking the door behind me.
"Hey, can I play too?" I took a tentative step towards the pile of naked bodies, shivering a little with excitement. Then I noticed Chase was also there, getting massaged by Cameron.
House raised his head. "Sure, but I'm kind of multi-tasking right now, so if it's me you want, you have to wait."
I grinned. "Isn't that just like a doctor, they always make you wait!" I started taking my shoes off and was a little startled when Foreman slid his arms around my waist (I hadn't noticed him at first because I had been so surprised to see the clusterfuck in the first place.)
I gave him a big kiss. "Well, you shouldn't be left out either. Was anyone else invited to this who isn't here yet?"
"Not that I know of," Foreman replied, helping me undress.
"I think Thirteen and Kutner were trying to get in on this, but there's no way I was going to let them in," House added. "If I wanted--ooo, harder, Wilson!--to have a boring orgy I would have copied Eyes Wide Shit--I mean Shut! Ever been with a homie before?"
Foreman rolled his eyes at this but I said, "House, I'm from Oakland, do the math!"
Foreman laughed, then kissed me again. "I like women with some curves."
"Well, thank you!" By this time I was almost totally naked and he and I were lying on the carpet. He ran his palms over me as I pulled off my panties, then he straddled me and pushed my breasts around his cock, shifting his hips back and forth.
"Awww, niiiiice, I haven't been titty-fucked in a long time, Foreman!"
From this vantage point, if I looked a bit to my right I could see House spooge from Wilson's rapidly pumping his fist over his generously proportioned cock, but even if I hadn't seen this I would have heard the deep affectionate noises he was making, only slightly muffled by his planting kisses on Cuddy's vulva. I know from my own experience how good he is at oral so it didn't surprise me at all to hear her moan, "Ooooh, House, don't stop!" as he flickered his tongue over her. Cameron started gasping from House's long pianist's fingers wiggling frenetically on her clit, meanwhile Foreman started doing similar moves on mine, so I started coming. I strained my neck slightly forward and licked the head of his dick as he kept titty-fucking me and he moaned, "Yeah, just like that," quietly and came on my neck.
I wiped it off with a kleenex, kissed him again and gingerly stepped over Chase fucking Cameron. House and Cuddy were doing a 69, enthusiastically if a.....
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...little awkwardly, while Wilson peeled off the condom he had just been using with House, looked up at me, grinned and winked.
We sat down on the couch and he cupped his soft hands around my breasts, holding and snuggling them, his gentle brown eyes staring into mine as if he were fascinated by me.
I felt an incredibly strong urge to take him into my mouth so I leaned in and wriggled my tongue lightly over the head of his cock, then kissed his shaft and his balls, nibbling his inner thighs and then opening my mouth wide and sucking him right down to the hilt. He stroked my hair and panted, "You like this don't you? Oh, you're good, don't stop, please," then he wailed and came and I swallowed.
Suddenly, I felt a large hand tickle my ass and Wilson's voice got muffled and incoherent. I looked up and saw House sitting next to Wilson on the couch, kissing him affectionately on the lips. The look of sheer joy on House's face somehow touched my heart and I heard Wilson say, "How could anything that feels this good possibly be wrong?"
House caressed Wilson's face with one hand while reaching down with the other and helping me up. He gazed at me with those gorgeous luminous baby blue eyes as if he were begging to be kissed sweetly. My heart melted; how could I refuse him?
I wrapped my arms around him, covering his face and neck with kisses. He gave me velvet kisses back, lightly touching the tip of his tongue against my mouth like a knock on a door. I opened my mouth wide, letting his long warm, wet tongue deep into my mouth. His loving, long fingers stroking and fondling my breasts, he whispered, "Oh, this is so good."
"Lovely. I want you so much," I murmured, excited. "Play me like you play that piano." I looked at his delighted face, as his wonderful hands explored my body all over.
"If I remember correctly, you really love having those delicious tits sucked and you told me you've never been with two men at the same time before. Hey, Wilson, get over here!"
House and Wilson got on either side of me and latched their mouths onto my breasts, sending me into near-orgasmic bliss. I reached down and wrapped my left hand around House's erect cock and rhythmically squeezed and stroked it. I was going to do the same for Wilson but when I reached over I realized House was already playing with Wilson's cock so I just tickled Wilson's balls. They each slipped a free hand between my legs, House rapidly massaging my clit with his fingers and Wilson sliding his thumb into my vagina and rocking and twisting, causing me to come so hard I shrieked.
I heard Cuddy say, "I just tired Foreman out and I'm not interested in Chase; can I join you guys?"
House grinned devilishly. "Ooo, do we get to see some girl-on-girl stuff?"
"No," I said, slightly irritated. "You've already got four people here who want to have sex with you and whom you obviously like having sex with, you don't get to have anybody going against their nature on top of that!"
"Awwwwwwww," House pouted, doing doggie eyes. "I want my girl-on-girl!"
Cuddy looked annoyed. "Oh, come on House!"
"Wilson just did, ba doom boom," I cracked.
House did a "hnh hnh!" sort of snicker at this and Wilson looked chagrined, grabbed a kleenex and muttered, "I feel like I'm having a three way with Grissom and Butthead."
"Geez, I hope I'm better looking than Butthead." I said. "The only thing that made me feel a bit awkward about participating in this at all is the fact that you guys are all so good-looking and I'm not."
This comment got me the simultaneous reactions of, "why thank you", "awwwwwwwww" and "oh, cut the crap, nothing on you looks worse than my damn leg does!"
House cleared his throat. "Well then, wanna do a hundred and thirty-eight?"
I smiled. "If that means a double 69, hell yeah!" I bent down and put my lips around the head of Wilson's cock and swirled my tongue around it as I felt House suck my clit, rippling his tongue and I could sort of see Cuddy complete....
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HOUSE ORGY FIC NC-17 NC-17 NC-17 NC-17 NC-17

....the circle by blowing House while Wilson went down on her; we all wound up in an ecstatic tongue bath.
After we had all climaxed from doing this several times, we slowly got out of position and snuggled together for a minute or two, then House took the opportunity to start blowing Wilson.
"House, you're crazy!" said Wilson, half yelping, half laughing.
House lifted his head. "You complaining?"
"Hell no...."
"Fine, then let me finish--whoa, apparently I'm not the only opportunistic sex maniac here!" This last was addressed to me because I had chosen that moment to do a rather special tongue move around House's foreskin. I wound up sucking him for a long time; judging from the moans I heard coming from House and Wilson I guessed they were enjoying themselves.
I was kind of taken aback when House pulled out of my mouth without coming. "What are you stopping for, I thought you liked the way I give head!"
"I love it! I just feel like fucking Cuddy right now. Go fuck Wilson; it's OK."
"Please, I need it bad," Wilson sighed. "Get on top, I love it that way."
I straddled him and lowered myself onto his shaft until he was deep all the way inside me, then i started rocking back and forth. It felt fantastic. He closed his eyes and groaned blissfully, caressing me and writhing a little and I came very quickly. I glanced over and saw Cuddy and House entwined in a very passionate doggie style love making session but I was coming too intensely to pay a lot of attention to them. I looked down and saw Wilson scrunch his face in ecstasy, gasping and clenching his teeth as he came.
Cuddy whispered, "Nearly there," and then whimpered feverishly in climax. House threw his head back in a yell of orgasm, then pulled out, gently kissing the back of her neck.
"Oh, that was amazing!" I said. Wilson hugged me.
House lightly tickled Cuddy's ass. "Very nice."
"Thank you," she replied, sounding gracious, of all things.
Wilson murmured in my ear, "It OK if House and I fuck and then we'll switch off with you girls?"
"Sure, Wilson, I wanna take a bit of a breather and watch you boys anyway." I grinned. "I like gay male porn any old time, and you guys are just as cute as those dudes!"
Wilson said, "You're wild."
House began putting on a condom, looked at me, and smiled widely. "Well, thank you! What a nice thing to say!" He applied a large sloppy dollop of lube to his hand and started gently rubbing it into Wilson's ass while stroking and massaging him tenderly all over with his other hand.
Wilson's breath became ragged and he sank to his knees in slow motion as House placed light delicate little kisses on his shoulders and back. "Beautiful," House whispered, easing his large uncut cock gradually, gently into Wilson, who shivered and moaned with pleasure, arching his back so House could go deep.
I was getting really turned on just watching this and was startled to hear Cameron next to me, saying, "That doesn't bother you?"
"What? Why would it bother me? They're hot and they're obviously having a good time, not just going through the motions the way some people in porns do."
"You wouldn't rather have him to yourself?"
"What exactly are you doing here?"
"Chase fell asleep. You didn't answer my question."
"I don't expect monogamy from very many people. I have a saying; nobody can be all things sexually to another person. It may not be as catchy as 'everybody lies', but it's true. Gotta accept people the way they are."
"Some people can be monogamous, you know."
"If they choose to, sure, but even the most monogamous person sometimes has fantasies about someone else. Now, shush, I wanna watch them."
The total rapture on both their faces, their sensual male bodies, I was so aroused watching them that I couldn't help it, I started masturbating. After they both came....
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.... House looked up at me and smiled, all the usual weariness and pain completely gone from his face, and his eyes shone. He pointed at me.
"You. Come here."
He wrapped his smooth strong arms around me and I kissed his face all over, nuzzling his neck, leaning my head into his chest and feeling his heart pounding, licking his nipples. Out of the corner of my eye I could see Cuddy put her legs around Wilson's waist.
House lay me down and I spread my legs really wide, I was actually a little nervous because I had just fucked Wilson, who was fairly well-endowed and House was even bigger so I was a little scared it was going to hurt (as was mentioned earlier, I had never been with two men at the same time before).
"Hold out your hand," he said softly, and I complied, and he put another generous helping of lube into my palm. "Come on, get me nice and slick," he panted and I started thoroughly smearing the lube all over his shaft and the head of his cock as he sighed in rapture and then eased into me.
I didn't feel sore at all, in fact it felt absolutely delicious and I started feeling the build up to a huge climax.
I had had my eyes closed but I opened them to look into his gorgeous face as I began having another orgasm and realized Wilson must have finished making love with Cuddy because he was slopping more lube onto House's ass and gently pushing his way in. House looked ecstatic and I could see him throw his head back the way he usually does when he's having an orgasm and just when I thought, "Don't tell me all three of us are gonna come at the same time," that's exactly what happened.
Somehow, while I was coming, I managed to pick up on an almost inaudible whisper from House that really surprised the hell out of me:
"I love you both."
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