October 18th, 2008

Hugh Smile

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I was expecting to hear from somebody yesterday who I never heard from. this is very weird.

Chapter 2

Cuddy had changed into the satin and velvet pantsuit and 30's styled blonde wig. She had considered going as Bettie Page instead but she knew full well House would never shut up if she did that so she was going with Marlene Dietrich. It was bad enough last Halloween when House showed up as Borat so he could use being in character as an excuse to make as many rude comments as possible. She didn't need that again.
She walked down the hall towards the conference room, spotting Cameron as Glinda from "The Wizard of Oz" talking to Foreman as Samuel L. Jackson from "Pulp Fiction".
They had both gone all out with their costumes. Cuddy couldn't help smiling at how surreal the juxtaposition looked.
"Oooh, Dr. Cuddy, you look just like Mae West!" Cameron exclaimed.
"I'm supposed to be Marlene Dietrich."
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