April 3rd, 2009

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It's What Day Today?

(House fic inspired by the lovely karaokegal's lyric prompt)

It was April the 25th.
Wilson's birthday, and when he got to the hospital somebody else's car was in his parking space and it wasn't House's, or any other car he recognized. He'd had to park really far away because the lot was so crowded.
He went through the whole work day without anyone giving him a present, or leaving a card on his desk or even saying "happy birthday" to him. He didn't even see House all that day. He knew it was too much to expect anyone to bake him his favorite cake, because it was pumpkin and nobody bakes pumpkin cake in the spring. If he'd had a birthday in October or November, maybe.
He'd had to work late that day.
By the time he got home he was in a ten ton bad mood so he felt it was time to break out his secret stash, the one he was pretty convinced House didn't know about. He rummaged around his living room, found the box in its secret hiding place and opened it.
Twelve CDs smiled up at him. He'd burned them himself, and they were nothing but show tunes.
He popped one into the stereo.
About an hour later, he was singing at the top of his lungs:

"Walk on through the rain
Walk on through the wind
Though your dreams be tossed and blown"

He closed his eyes and threw his head back.

"Walk on, walk on with hope in your heart
And you'll never walk alone
You'll never walk alone!"

He opened his eyes to see steely blue ones staring back at him and heard a familiar snarl of "Oh, real cute! Nice song to sing in front of a cripple! Foreman and Cuddy are with me, do you want to sing Al Jolson or 'Baby Got Back' next?!"
"House! You know perfectly well that's not what that song means!"
"HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!" Chase, Cameron and CF walked in behind House, Foreman and Cuddy. Everyone was carrying wrapped presents except CF who had a cake.
"Wow, thank you! House, I didn't think you liked surprise parties."
House grinned. "I hate surprise parties, but it's not my birthday."
CF piped up. "We're just the first wave, there are more guests coming later, so don't cut the cake yet. I believe pumpkin is your favorite?"
"Yes! How'd you know that, a little bird tell you?"
"More like a large peacock with a broken wing. And if you think 'You'll Never Walk Alone' is awkward in this context, I had an ex who used to torture me by playing that stupid 'get an ugly girl to marry you' song." CF was a little startled when Chase, of all people, put an arm around her shoulders in response to this revelation.
House said, "Holy shit, and people think I'M a jerk?! Where's this guy live, I think my cane needs to make an appointment with his nutsack!"
Cameron led the singing of "Happy Birthday". Wilson wound up having one of the best birthday parties he'd ever had in his life.
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