August 4th, 2009

Hugh Blue Eyes

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I'm baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack!


"See, I told you, Wilson, the Blue Meanie does not disappoint."
"The Blue Meanie wasn't even in this rally, House."
"I wasn't talking about the truck, heh heh."
"HOUSE! This place is full of rednecks, you wanna get our heads broken?"
"Oh calm down! I've got the munchies something fierce, I'm getting a funnel cake. What do you want? I'm buying."
"The one time you stick a crowbar in your wallet and offer to treat me for a change and it's in a place where all the food is deep fried, sugary or some combination thereof."
"You've got to be the only person in the world who would use the word 'thereof' right after having seen monster trucks. Anyway, we're here, you have to have some carny cuisine."
"'Carny cuisine'? You mean junk food."
"Not exactly. Junk food can be eaten anywhere, carny cuisine is a very specific category. If you eat a bag of chips at home or candy at work that's junk food but it's not carny cuisine. Carny cuisine is something you wouldn't eat at home or a restaurant, only at monster trucks or a fair or an amusement park, like funnel cakes or corn dogs or frozen chocolate covered cheesecake on a stick, in fact almost anything on a stick will fit in that category. One funnel cake with chocolate syrup,powder sugar and strawberries."
"Geez, at least you're getting something with fruit in it. One caramel apple, please, miss."

House was driving Wilson home a couple of hours later, periodically taking one hand off the steering wheel to absently lick a little stray chocolate off his finger. "Is that caramel apple OK, Wilson, you took maybe two bites out of it."
"Oh, it's not bad, I just feel kind of guilty about eating it. I really should lose some weight."
"Oh, screw guilt. We can't all have the metabolism of a twelve year old like me," House smirked.
"You have the sense of humor of a twelve year old sometimes, I swear to God," Wilson replied but he was smiling. House's car pulled into Wilson's driveway and they got out of the car.
"I like your new place," House said offhandedly.
"That's your way of saying 'smart move getting out of Amber's old apartment, you were wallowing'."
"Well, you were. Hell, my shrink agreed with me about that."
"You seem to get along pretty well with Dr. Volk."
"She's not an idiot. The timing was weird, she was just about to transfer out of Mayfield when I showed up."
"She still work there?"
"No, she left. She went on vacation after she was done treating me, last I heard she was trying to get work at some other hospital."
They went into the living room and sat down on the couch. "She seems to have done you a lot of good. You actually seem happier. If she wants to work at PPTH I could put in a good word for her."
"I'll call her about that tomorrow, right now, one thing she encouraged me to do was this," and House leaned in and kissed Wilson on the lips.
"Dr. Volk told you to kiss me?!"
"No, but she did get me to 'be more open about expressing affection', " House actually made finger quote marks while saying the last six words. "Did I fuck this up?"
"I wouldn't say that, House, I'm not used to kissing guys, but I liked it. A lot. Let's see where this takes us." Wilson tugged at House's T shirt with one hand while still trying to balance the caramel apple with the other.
"Here, hang on." House unbuttoned Wilson's shirt and then gently took the caramel apple out of his hand. Wilson was expecting him to put it down somewhere but he rolled the sticky caramel over Wilson's exposed shoulder and then began to lick it sensually.
"Oh, damn, House," Wilson murmured, as House pulled his shirt off and continued using the caramel and his tongue down his bare back. Wilson broke out in goose bumps despite the fact that it wasn't the slightest bit cold. "Can you open doors with that tongue?"
House chuckled throatily. "Let's find out."

thanks to banshee for the inspiration!
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