August 23rd, 2009

Hugh Blue Eyes

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This is my first try here at a crossover fic that isn't a one shot like "Jeeves and the Very Happy Ending". Please tell me what you think!

Insurance and Insolence
Chapter 1

"Am I interrupting anything here?"
Wilson's face lit up. "HOUSE! They let you out of Mayfield! Why didn't you call me and let me know, I would have come and picked you up!" Wilson ran across the room to embrace his friend tightly. House felt a little self-conscious at this display of emotion but he slowly returned the hug in spite of himself, blushing slightly.
Cuddy cleared her throat pointedly. "I'd be perfectly happy to celebrate with a welcome home menage a trois after work but this is not the time or the place. Those British doctors from the BMA exchange program are going to be here any minute now and I don't want them walking into my office and seeing you going at it like crazed bonobos."
House and Wilson let go, Wilson making some attempt at de-rumpling his hair and clothes and House not bothering. "House, do I look OK?"
"I'd still have a go at those eyebrows with a weed whacker if I were you but there isn't time," House smirked.
"Yeah, I missed you too."
Cuddy's office door opened and a strident, British-accented tenor voice said, "--nine out of ten hospital deans are decrepit old farts who haven't done any proper doctoring since the days of leeches--" and a pair of large, expressive dark brown eyes looked at Cuddy with a glint of something resembling pure lust," --and then I told him he didn't know what he was talking about! Goodness me, you must be Dr. Cuddy. Dr. Blackadder, at your service." He took her hand and kissed it instead of shaking it. Cuddy gave him the fishy eye. House stared at the ceiling in mock innocence and softly whistled "Pop Goes the Weasel", causing Wilson to smother a laugh.
The large, avuncular-looking man standing behind Dr. Blackadder smiled genially (and much more sincerely) and shook Cuddy's hand. "How do you do, Dr. Cuddy, I'm Dr. Melchett, Dr. Blackadder's colleague, I'm sure it will be a pleasure working together," and then he made an odd, sheeplike noise.
"Ten to one he got that broken nose playing rugby," Wilson whispered.
House elbowed him. "Hey! My bit, and you're doing it wrong. Not enough evidence," he whispered back before Cuddy made the introductions.
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