August 24th, 2009

Hugh Blue Eyes

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Insurance and Insolence

Chapter 2
(a/n NC-17!)

Melchett frowned. "Blackadder, I don't think Dr. Cuddy fancies you at all; just because a woman likes to dress in a sexy manner at work it doesn't necessarily mean she's interested in every man she sees at work."
"Hrmph, as if you knew anything about women, Melchett."
"I may be gayer than Oscar Wilde's picnic basket but I'm not blind! She didn't seem to be attracted to you at all, and if she is the sort to get involved with a co worker I think she'd be more likely to go for one of the other doctors who's already been working here for some time. Didn't you notice the way all three of them were looking at eachother when we walked in? There's something going on there."
Blackadder stared at Melchett. "You're bloody mad, that House git has got to be one of the grimmest looking individuals I've ever clapped eyes on. Obvious workaholic, that one, probably wouldn't know fun if it bit him on the arse."

House gave a low, ecstatic moan as Wilson gently nibbled the underslope of his buttocks and he turned his head, nuzzling his face in between Cuddy's breasts and tickling her with the velvet of his stubble. "Mmmmmmmmmm, now this is what I call a welcome home party. Wilson, get the lube."
Wilson rummaged around in a drawer while Cuddy wrapped her fingers around House's erection and began massaging. "I've got another surprise for you after we're done here, House, there's a chocolate raspberry truffle cake from KFC in the kitchen for us."
"Awww, my favorite!"
Cuddy looked confused. "Kentucky Fried Chicken?!--ooo, House, right there!!"
Wilson grinned boyishly. "Nope, Katie Fitzhugh's Catering. I called Katie and told her House was out of Mayfield and she insisted on giving me a 50% discount-- oh, here's the lube."
"Less talk, more sex," House said, smiling widely.
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