January 30th, 2010

Bertie's Mouth

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there's a meme going around about people handpicking teams of five fictional characters, I decided to put my own twist on it and pick three different teams of five.
One for intelligence: House, Spock, Data, Sherlock Holmes (Jeremy Brett version, sorry, Robert!) and Jeeves
One for ability to kick ass: The Bride (from Kill Bill), The Tick, Brock Samson, any character played by Bruce Lee, and almost any character played by Jackie Chan
and one for supernatural and/or unknown abilities: Gandalf, Guinan, (remember, Q seemed to be afraid of her) the Ninth Doctor, the Robin Williams genie from Aladdin, and Endora from Bewitched (one of the few characters in that show i actually liked)
I'm aware that some of these characters really wouldn't get along all that well.
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