March 14th, 2010

Hugh Smile

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I've been spending a lot of the weekend watching stuff Hugh was in that I hadn't seen before, specifically "Judy Garland; Me and My Shadows" and "Alfresco". Hugh was fucking great in them of course, but the actresses who played Judy Garland (one as a teenager and one as an adult) were really amazing. It's a real challenge to play celebrities well and not come off like a caricature, especially celebrities who were larger than life like Judy was. Another example was Jamie Foxx's excellent portrayal of Ray Charles.
brief MST ish moment; there was a scene where Hugh (he plays one of Judy's husbands) was having an argument with her about her pill popping and hiding them and I went, "You can't hide pills from Hugh Laurie!" that got a big laugh from roomie/best friend. I was glad. He doesn't laugh at my jokes as much as he used to.
"Alfresco" is nuts. Some of the sketches on there are even crazier than Python!
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