March 30th, 2010

House Schroeder

(no subject)

Got my new issue of Bon Appetit mag in the mail. They had a list of their 5 main pet peeves about restaurants but they left out my 2 so here they are:

1. I've only seen this when the restaurants aren't crowded. It would actually make sense if they did this when they WERE crowded but they only do it when they're not. They take at least twenty minutes to pick up your money after they bring you the check and even longer to bring back your change. You sit there for ages after you've finished eating and paid your check sort of staring at them and trying to get them to come over.

2. When you go in by yourself and you make it clear you're by yourself and they go "Just one?" in that damn whiney voice like they think you're pathetic and they resent you for not being more people. What the fuck is up with that?
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