April 13th, 2010

House Schroeder

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Wow, I hate 13 even more now.

on to other topics:
Comment if you'd like a color, and then list ten things you love which are that color.

the lovely vanillafluffy gave me brown. I like that color but there are no brown flowers, I love animals but I'm having a hard time thinking of an animal that only comes in brown (for example, I love dogs and horses but they can be all different colors) and I have a giant crush on a blue eyed man and I can easily name at least twenty brown foods I love but I do not want to sound like a food crazed maniac. Here goes:

1. chocolate
2. trees and wood
3. nuts
4. Hugh's hair
5. mushrooms
6. brown weiner dogs
7. sausage
8. Burmese cats
9. maple syrup
10. brown rabbits