May 31st, 2010

Hugh Smile

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day 19

best cast

Jeeves and Wooster, no contest. Stephen and Hugh are perfectly cast. I was a fan of the books before the TV show existed and as far as I'm concerned they WERE those characters. I've seen some other actors whose names I can't remember play Bertie and they were nowhere near as good as Hugh, they just played him as a rather one dimensional upper class twit and it got old real fast, they didn't convey the sweet-naturedness of the character the way Hugh does. And I do think that sweet nature is the primary reason Jeeves likes Bertie, if he didn't like him he wouldn't bother getting him out of jams all the time, his attitude would be all "you and your idiot friends can solve your own problems". Stephen is a great Jeeves, I love his subtle facial expressions, and it makes me mad when people say he's too young. It doesn't say anywhere in the books that Jeeves is an old guy, in fact his age is never referred to.
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