July 9th, 2010

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day 16

A song you used to love but not anymore

I'm going to get in so much trouble for this with other Beatle geeks but I have to be honest here. Hey Jude. I used to love it just because it was the fricking Beatles, but I can't listen to it now because it's overplayed to death. Also I love the Beatles partly because most of their lyrics were so awesome and half of Hey Jude is "nah nah nah". That's three minutes of "nah nah nah". Come on, Paul! also, I don't believe for one minute it's about Julian. Who the hell says "go out and get her" to a FIVE year old?? (Even John said he didn't believe it!)

here's part one of a fic for you.


(also, this is sort of a writing exercise for me because it's a sex scene with a pairing that isn't one of my favorites.)


Chapter One

House's large, gentle hands curved around the swell of Cuddy's breasts as he nuzzled and kissed the side of her neck, smelling her Chanel and nudging her towards the bed. "I can't believe we're doing this." He was already shirtless and she fiddled with his belt as she sighed softly and started taking off her white lace bra and he responded by licking her nipples in slow circular motions.

By this time he was rock hard and yanking at his jeans insistently in order to free himself when she cleared her throat pointedly. "What? I forget something? I've got condoms--"

"Do you mind turning the light out?" Cuddy sounded irritated.

"OK, I guess."

House thought, "What was that all about? I know I'm not Brad Pitt but come on!" not even really wanting to admit to himself that the idea of her being put off by his looks hurt. A lot. But this was the first time since college and he didn't want to break the mood so he pulled off his pants the rest of the way with one hand while flicking the bedroom lamp off with the other and enthusiastically went back to sucking her breasts.

She pulled down his underpants and started to stroke his erection and then whipped her hand back in a startled motion. "Damn, I forgot about that," she muttered.


"Ummm, I'm used to circumcised guys. Would you ever consider having it done?"

"You gotta be shittin' me. Like I'm not in enough pain already. Look, are you even into this, 'cause I can go---"

"No, no, don't go! We can discuss it later, I really do want this, OK, House?" She fondled him between his legs and it felt so good he managed to forget his annoyance and began to stroke her clit. "MMMMMMmmmmmmmmmmmm, you're gonna make me come."

He chuckled licentiously. "That's my girl...."

After he'd gotten her to have a couple of orgasms with his long. talented pianist fingers, he gently pushed her legs a little further apart, shifted his position on the bed and started to go down on her, making her come even more intensely several more times, then he sat up, wiped his mouth and whispered. "Ready to return the favor?"

"I just can't."

"Oh, god...."

After they were finished, he said, "If we're going to have a sexual relationship I need to be honest with you about something. I'm bisexual."


"Stacey didn't freak the fuck out when I told her--"

"Stacey isn't a doctor!"

"She's not an idiot, either. I've been tested for every bug under the sun and the results were negative across the board. I'm very careful. I just like to be with a guy every once in a while, and in answer to your next question, no, I haven't done anything with Wilson! I think he's straight anyway."

Meanwhile, somewhere in Chicago, a phone rang.

to be continued
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