July 18th, 2010

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Chapter 7

After several rounds of drinks, Wilson had finally confided in House why he was in such a rotten mood.

"Sam and I just fight all the time, and it's usually over really dumb shit!"

"So she hasn't changed since you were married to her?"

"That's the worst of it, she has changed! She's gotten worse! When we were married, we fought but it was over things that were important! Also, the fights themselves have gotten worse. She never used to throw stuff at me!"

"What?! What's she throwing at you?"

"She hasn't hurt me or anything, House, she has no aim, it's just the principle of the thing! On top of that, when we were married I was cheating on her, so she had a right to be mad at me, but I'm not cheating on her now and she thinks I am!"

"Does she have any reason to think that other than the fact that you did it before?"

"Ohhhh, who knows?" Wilson looked despairing. "What the hell is wrong with me, House? Why can't I make any relationship i have work? I used to think I was picking the wrong women but I really think it's me now, it didn't work with Julie, it didn't work with Bonnie, it sure as hell isn't working with Sam, it didn't work with other women I've dated and they were all totally different from eachother, I'm obviously doing something wrong, you're smart, tell me what it is!"

House looked uncomfortable. "I wish I knew what to tell you, Wilson, I don't have the greatest romantic track record myself."

"There's something I wanna tell you about Amber," Wilson said, slurring a little. House looked even more uncomfortable at Wilson's bringing up Amber.

"Things weren't going all that well between me and her when she died either." Wilson took another gulp of his drink. "I want you to know I don't feel any more resentment towards you for her death. At all. I know the accident was a terrible thing but it wasn't your fault." He turned his face away, not feeling able to look House in the eyes. "And I do want to thank you for damn near sacrificing your own life trying to save her. You went above and beyond the call as a doctor and as a friend."

Wilson wasn't looking at House at all when he said this, so he couldn't see the look in House's large blue eyes and had no idea how moved he was to hear this. This was an extremely rare sight: House with all emotional walls down.
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day 25

a song (well, several songs) that make me laugh

intentionally funny: anything by Richard Cheese
unintentionally funny: "Push the little daisies" by Ween because the guy sounds EXACTLY like Cartman! even some of the lyrics sound like Cartman! "if you think that I'm a loser, well you suck"