July 23rd, 2010


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OK, I'm really fucking fed up. They're doing another bullshit inspection in the building today and I did not get the notice in the mail until YESTERDAY and when I called the office to complain about this they were all, "you should have checked the mail again, we put it in the day before".
I DID check the mail then and it wasn't in there, who the hell checks their mail twice a day unless maybe they're expecting something? THAT IS NOT ENOUGH NOTICE. I really feel like they are fucking with me, roomie and I worked like crazy cleaning up the place, I had other plans yesterday that I had to cancel, of course last time they singled me out for this shit they said my place was dirty when it wasn't and sent me threatening letters, etc. the best possible outcome is for them to just leave me the fuck alone today. Now I get to feel nervous as shit for the next nine hours.
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