August 11th, 2010

Bertie ?!

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Very bad menstrual cramps right now, especially when I move. Here's my answers to adroid_mortox's movie star meme to distract me.

my favorite movie each of these actors did:

Hugh Laurie: either Peter's Friends or Sense and Sensibility (I'm more into his TV work)
Stephen Fry: Wilde. I also like a Fish called Wanda a lot but he had a very minor role in that.
Tim Curry: Rocky Horror. No contest.
Nicolas Cage: Grindhouse. yes, he was in that.
Jeremy Irons: Man In the Iron Mask
Helen Mirren: Hitchiker's Guide to the Galaxy
Judi Dench: The Importance of Being Earnest
Susan Sarandon: Rocky Horror
Maggie Smith: Murder by Death
Meryl Streep: either Kramer Vs. Kramer or Manhattan
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