August 12th, 2010


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another bullshit invasion tomorrow, bad menstrual cramps, bla bla bla. I did have an awesome time at this party I went to night before last with a bunch of my terrific friends so at least that part was cool.

here's my first attempt at an acrostic poem since I was a kid. I did some unusual things with the rhyme scheme and the meter.

Jewel-like blue eyes reach into my soul
Albion's accent in that sweet tenor voice
Mind, heart and body all long for him
Even when he plays tragedy, I rejoice

Silly or serious, wise or fool
Handsome but humble, break any rule
Unusually versatile, charming and smart
Got music and comedy down to an art

His talents are massive, he's eager to please
Cambridge alumnus like Idle and Cleese
Adored by so many all over the place
Lean, beautiful body, sweet expressive face

Until I saw him playing a role with brains
My feeling was affection but not yet
Love that I felt later for him
Acerbic, edgy, sparkling but angry wit

Unknown as I am to him, he is my fantasy
Reality says he's beyond my scope
I know the difference but I can dream
Ever loving, ever peaceful, ever hope.
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