August 25th, 2010


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Series of rather fucked up events yesterday. In addition to being broke, roomie isn't feeling at all well, I went to the library and they kicked everybody out because it was too hot, cheap ass city won't spring for an AC and some random guy told me I looked good which I would have liked had he not been a crazy homeless guy, which is the only sort of guy who finds me attractive. Then when I got back from the damn library, this old fart who lives in my building whom I never had any argument with before starts turning feral on me, trying to close the elevator doors on me while I'm trying to get on and when I object to this he tells me I should DIE and curses at me.
Karaokegal gave me that meme about picking your fave characters in four fandoms so here goes.

Jeeves and Wooster
Both the main characters, you can't really have one w/o the other. Wodehouse himself tried. There are two books, one with Jeeves and no Bertie and another with Bertie and no Jeeves. neither book really works. I've been a fan of the Jeeves and Bertie books since way before the TV show and before Hugh and Stephen were even on Blackadder or anything, and as far as I'm concerned they WERE those characters. I've seen some other actors whose names I don't remember play Bertie and they were nowhere near as good as Hugh, they don't convey the sweet nature of the character, they just played him as a rather one-dimensional upper class twit which gets old real fast. I think Bertie's sweet temperament is the primary reason Jeeves likes him, and if Jeeves didn't like him he wouldn't bother getting him out of jams all the time, which is what the stories revolve around. And, let's face it, who wouldn't want a Jeeves around to help them get out of jams? And Stephen plays the character so wonderfully. I love his subtle body language.

can't really answer this one as I'm not as familiar with all the characters to the degree that I am in the Vegas one

Rocky Horror
Again, this is very much a matter of it having to work with all the characters, if someone's not on that night it throws the chemistry right off as far as the live re-enactments are concerned. My fave character is probably Frank because he's the most extroverted and you know where you stand with him, he's also the most hedonistic (with the possible exception of Columbia, who is my favorite female character in Rocky Horror). Also, I identify with him for another reason, he doesn't fit in on Earth and he apparently didn't fit in all that well on his home planet either, and I've felt all my life like I didn't fit in 100% no matter where I live, I just come closest to it here in the bay area. (I do think his killing Eddie is way out of character, though, especially since Eddie isn't really a threat to him.)

M*A*S*H (those damn asterisks really fuck up my typing)
I find it interesting that you picked two fandoms with masculine transvestites in them (Frank and Klinger!). My favorite character is Hawkeye (keep in mind I'm talking about the TV show, the movie characters were VERY different). I must be hardwired to like smartassy doctors. Hawkeye is an idealist pretending to be a cynic and I love his making jokes in the face of adversity, although he is definitely not at war with himself the way House is. When I was about eleven or so I loved Radar but that's probably because I was a kid and therefore identified with the most kid-like character. Also I love the way Hawkeye laughs. (not Alan Alda's laugh, he made that laugh up for the character)
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