September 13th, 2010

Hugh Smile

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I did a lot of walking around and standing yesterday because I went to this street fair and had a fantastic time with my awesome friends but my feet are killing me so bad! I feel nice and relaxed now except for my feet.

here's the ABC meme I got from more of my awesome friends, karaokegal and hughville and bonorattle.

A is for ACCENT: Neutral American.

B is for BREAST SIZE: Big. can't give you a letter or number because i wear jog bras.

C is for the CHORE YOU HATE: Housework in general.

D is for my DAD'S NAME: Tom

E is for the ESSENTIAL MAKE-UP ITEM: I wear makeup but I wouldn't call anything essential. I am not one of those women who would sooner commit suicide than go out in public with no makeup.

F is for FAVORITE PERFUME: something called "Chinese Flowers". it was made by a perfume and incense company that used to be called Belle Star but they changed the name of the company to something else I can't remember right now.

G is for GOLD OR SILVER: both. I like jewelry in general.

H is for HOMETOWN: Oakland

I is for INSOMNIA: comes with the territory of having Asperger's. it sucks.

J is for JOB TITLE: professional nut

K is for KIDS: hell no

L is for LIVING ARRANGEMENTS: I share a nice but small apartment with a roomie who is my best friend and whom my fascist piggie landlady and my parents are really not supposed to know is living there.


N is for the NUMBER OF APPLES YOU'VE EATEN: I like apples a lot, so probably a big number, but who knows?

O is for OVERNIGHT HOSPITAL STAYS: two, one for a ruptured appendix and one to have a non cancerous tumor the size of a melon on my ovary taken out, which took about a year to diagnose correctly, ironic given my House obsession.

P is for PHOBIA: clowns. i also have claustrophobia.

Q is for QUEST: to shag Hugh Laurie silly

R is for RELIGIOUS AFFILIATION: none, I'm an atheist

S is for SIBLINGS: one sister, younger

T is for the TIME YOU WAKE UP: I GET up at usually about 8:00. I wake up a good deal earlier most of the time (see I)

U is for the UNNATURAL HAIR COLORS YOU'VE WORN: spray on purple for a Halloween costume once.

V is for the VEGETABLE YOU REFUSE TO EAT: beets. barf.

W is for WORST HABIT: falling in love with guys who aren't interested.

X is for the X-RAYS YOU'VE HAD: mostly dental

Y is for the YUMMY FOODS YOU MAKE: lots of them. I love to cook, especially Chinese food, dessert and very downhome American foods like chili

Z is for ZANY HABITS: I have a very elaborate system for deciding on outfits. More Asperger's stuff.
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