September 15th, 2010


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I'm not in the best mood right now because I'm tired, only woke up a little while ago, but I had a terrific time with my sister yesterday. And what fun to meet the new boyfriend! He was just adorable. All three of us had a really great lunch, dim sum (I love Chinese food in general but dim sum is my favorite), then he had to go back to work and my sister and I went shopping and she bought me a bunch of clothes and some candy. The only kind of sour note (at least for me) in the whole afternoon was that she told me since she's getting divorced she had been dating all these guys. The only guys who ever try to pick me up are wino bums so I wasn't real happy to hear this although I'm glad she's having fun. it's funny that we get along fine now because when we were kids we damn near wanted to kill eachother. Anyway we had some great conversations and I just had a terrific time.
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