September 21st, 2010

Nut House

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liked the nekkid Hugh shots, howled at the "thought about Wilson during sex" line, the scar kissing was ewie. On with my own House stuff.

Immobile (part 3)

(NC-17, guys!)

Wilson and Cameron had been taking turns sucking House, and he felt like he was in heaven by the time he came, Cameron swallowing and Wilson licking his balls and rimming him; he sighed deeply in pure bliss.

"Cameron, come on over here and I'll return the favor, I know I look like a wire brush but it's actually very soft, I promise I won't give you really bad beard burn."

"How can I be sure about that?"

Wilson was squeezing a large dollop of lube onto his hand when he answered this. "He uses conditioner, trust me, it just tickles."

House wriggled his tongue rather obscenely. "You know you want to."

She got into position over him and he immediately began kissing and licking her in the most sensitive and intimate area, and she inhaled sharply with delight, "Oooooooh, House! Yeah, god!"

Wilson, meanwhile, rubbed the lube thoroughly into House's ass and then gently pushed into him, hearing a muffled groan of pleasure which seemed to spur him on, he began pumping, slowly at first, then gradually faster until he was plowing House, trembling and sweating, and soon enough, there were delicious jolts of sexual happiness zinging through all three of their bodies over and over till they were all thoroughly sated.

After a long period of afterglow, House muttered, "Oww, I'm getting muscle cramps. Lupus, Wilson!"

Wilson quickly began the process of untying House and took off his blindfold. Cameron looked a little taken aback. "'Lupus' is you guys' safeword?"

House sat up carefully, rubbing his wrists. "Well, it fits."

Wilson finished untying House's feet. "I wouldn't mind making this a regular event, how about you?"

"Sure!" Cameron replied.

House grabbed his underwear. "Let's go get some drinks and make it official once we get dressed."

Outside, Foreman walked rapidly away from the door. (cue the following music:
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