October 14th, 2010

Hugh Blue Eyes

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Having one of those rare days when I actually feel good about my appearance, no idea what brought it on but I'm not gonna question it too much. Had some interesting conversations yesterday in Booksmith's (large bookstore in the Haight) with some Brit tourists where i went on with enthusiasm about how many great musicians, writers, actors and comedians the UK has given the world. I don't know how many Americans they've heard talk like that, but if you get me started on classic rock and Shakespeare, I'll eat it up.

House meme day 2

member of the old team you liked best
either Cameron or Foreman. i wouldn't mind hanging out with either of them as long as the conversation wasn't mostly taken up by them bitching about House. I'd like to take them out to some place like the Ferry bldg. in SF, if you've ever been there you know it seems to make people relax.
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