October 25th, 2010

Hugh Smile

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day 11

your favorite quote by any character:

House: "No, there is not a thin line between love and hate. There is, in fact, a Great Wall of China with armed sentries posted every twenty feet between love and hate."

also, I had a very weird House dream the other night,
Him, me, Wilson and Cuddy were all waiting at a bus stop to go home because House's car was busted (I don't know what happened to Wilson's car, or Cuddy's car, or House's bike for that matter) and House was all pissed off because he'd gotten ahold of some dirty magazine and there were naked pics of Wilson in it. then he gets madder because Wilson apparently shaved off some of his body hair for the pictures. He was yelling, "I LIKE your hairy little Jewish body!" i tried to look at the magazine but House grabbed it so I yanked up Wilson's shirt and his stomach was real hairy and I did a "zrbrt" on it (when you put your lips on somebody's stomach and blow air on it and make a raspberry sort of noise) and Wilson laughed because it tickled but then got annoyed because a little of my saliva got on his stomach and House whips out a q tip and takes a swab of my saliva because he wanted to do some sort of test on me. Then Cuddy and I suddenly realized we're all at the wrong bus stop and we tried to tell the guys but they were too busy arguing so we just walked over to the other bus stop and took the bus and went home.
then later the dream shifted and I'm at House's place and I'm taking a shower and he has this really wild psychedelic 60's looking bathroom for some reason and I got out of the shower and he walks in while I'm toweling off and starts touching me all over, gently and sexily, and kissing my titties and I'm really getting into it and then these other random naked people walk into his place and I'm all "who the hell are these people" and they explain that they work for a combination car repair/prostitution ring and House paid for some sort of package deal, they fixed his car and then they have an orgy. I wanna have sex with House but not these other people so I'm not real thrilled about this and House is all "but I already paid for it!" and one of the car fixing hookers thought I was a lesbian and I go, "I'm having sex with a guy and you think I'm a lesbian? God, you're dumb."
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