October 27th, 2010

House Schroeder

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day 12

a scene that makes you sad

the one where House and Cuddy are arguing in her office because she thinks his leg pain is psychosomatic and he drops his pants and shows her the gouge out of his thigh. I damn near cried and I normally NEVER cry at TV.

it's time for anyone who wants to to ask me for a letter and give me five songs you love beginning with that letter again. You can upload if you like but I'm having a sucky time trying to upload songs right now so I'll skip that part. the lovely karaokegal gave me W so here's my list:

Wasted Words by the Allman Bros.
Wah Wah by George Harrison Amazing guitar work.
Whatever Gets You Through the Night by John Lennon
Watermelon Man by Herbie Hancock
Where Have All the Good Times Gone by David Bowie
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