November 8th, 2010

Bertie ?!

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I have to go to the social security office today to get recertified. What a bore, you can't make an appointment to do this, you just have to walk in and wait. I'm gonna bring in a bunch of newspapers and magazines and stuff. And there's always some wingnut in there who does something annoying. One time one wingnut peed on the floor. I was so glad to get out of there.

day 24

an eppie you wish never happened

I'm not too crazy about seasons 4 onward in general, I will fully cop to just watching in order to ogle Hugh at this point but I was particularly annoyed by the bachelor party for the following reasons:
I really don't care to look at some woman's tits. I like guys.
Chase cheating on Cameron is not cute or funny.
However he certainly didn't deserve going into anaphylactic (sp?) shock.
13 is gross. I don't want to watch her make out with anybody. It's like putting a sex scene into Night of the Living Dead.
Wilson with no pants on might have been fun to watch, too bad they didn't bother to show him.
Hugh, get that butt ugly jacket off. if Jeeves saw that thing he'd spank you till your ass goes purple.
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