August 19th, 2011

Hugh Smile

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Had a lovely evening, had no trouble meeting damigella_314 at the airport, we had a wonderful conversation. I had made up one of those signs with people's names on them that you have at airports and I drew Wilson as Donald Duck on it, she got a big kick out of that (so did some random guy getting off the same flight). The Bart ride was loooooong and crowded and a little crazy, two women got in a nasty-sounding argument but otherwise we got back to my place with a minimum of hassle.
She's so sweet! she and roomie got along great, she brought us gorgeous fancy chocolate and took us out for late night Indian food at this great little place down the street from my apt. Right now I'm just waiting for her to get up, then we're gonna go get her coffee and go shopping and get Chinese food for lunch later today.
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