October 2nd, 2011


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not a major hassle getting to Golden gate park but once i was in it was crazy. I wandered around for about an hour trying to find the correct stage. Old hippies should not make maps. My feet are killing me. i wore a t shirt with a big picture of Muddy Waters on it and a lot of people were complimenting me on it. One cool old black guy wanted to know where i got it.
Found a seat, found a better one thanks to sdemar. (I'm so sorry, deelaundry, but I never did get the camera in the mail, I think the post office screwed up.) Sdemar also very kindly volunteered to take pics of Hugh for me which she will e mail to me and I will post them in this journal later.
Listened to some great bluegrass and rock before Hugh showed up. I did get to see him briefly backstage while the bluegrass guys were playing; he looked so sad for some reason! ( I do remember Stephen saying in the reunion show that Hugh often looks sad when he really isn't, i hope that's all it was.) i was too far back to talk to him and there were security guys all over the place so I was not about to try to go barging back there.
All the other band guys were on stage for what seemed like a looooooooooong pause before Hugh made his entrance. I looked behind me and was very happy that I'd gotten there a few hours early because the crowd behind me was HUMOUNGOUS.
Hugh definitely did not look sad when he made his entrance, he looked utterly joyous and adorable and sexy and as beautiful as the park itself. (my fellow bay area natives will back me up on how beautiful Golden gate park is.) Sdemar was nice enough to let me borrow her binocs so I could get a good close up look at Hugh, we were about 8-10 rows back, and i could see his gorgeous eyes and lovely dimples and yummy bod and the sun shining on his blond eyelashes.
He said he's never been to SF before and I threw up my hands and said "WELCOME!" No idea if he heard me.
He was very cute and charming, making jokes and calling the crowd "Bob", and his singing and piano and guitar playing was AMAZING. he did a lot of songs off of his album and a few that weren't on the album, including a Jerry Lee Lewis song and "Hallelujah I Love her so" (which isn't a blues song but he played it bluesy.)
The other people in the band with him were awesome too, but of course my attention was focused all on him. It was hotter than hell and he whipped off his grey suit jacket (it had a purple silk lining which I thought was a very cool touch) and I yelled "KEEP GOING, HUGH!" My only real regret was he didn't do a longer set, I would have loved to hear more. No chance of a meet and greet, that crowd was way too big. Despite my feet hurting, Hugh's singing and playing was so fucking great i got up and danced anyway. just amazing. i will remember this for the rest of my life.
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