October 20th, 2011


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adroidmortox gave me the five questions meme, if you want me to give you five questions just ask!

1. Least favourite Hugh Laurie role?

Can I pick something that hasn't been released yet? The oranges sounds like it's gonna suck.

2. Do you think this will be the last season of House, and if so how would you feel about it?

I don't know, it might. I still watch because I love Hugh and RSL is awesome but the show has gone into a decline that IMHO started at the beginning of the 4th season and despite a few good epies or moments since then it hasn't really recovered. it makes me sad to see it deteriorate, especially since i own the first 3 seasons on DVD and can see what it once was. Also there's no other current TV show I give a shit about.

3. What's the best holiday/vacation you've been on?

Tough call there. Las Vegas, Mexico and New Orleans all kicked ass.

4. How are you and your roomie doing at the moment?


5. Anything nice planned in the coming weeks or months?

Not right at this moment. I may be going to see a friend for Thanksgiving but I'm not sure about that right now, plans have not really been finalized yet.
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