May 13th, 2012

Hugh Smile

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I Want To Ride It All Night Long

Chapter 5

"Well, which character did you want to play?"

"Probably Brad. I've got a good singing range for him. Did you ever do it?"

"I was never one of the actual cast re-enactment people but I did use to date a woman who was really into it and she got me to dress up as Riff Raff. This was after my leg got fucked up so I was the only person there not time warping but I had fun otherwise. I got so smashed."

"I thought you would have been Frank. You've got a closer personality to Frank plus you've got those big expressive eyes like Tim Curry."

"I'm not exposing my leg scar to the scrutiny of a bunch of Rocky Horror fans, Wilson, they'd probably puke!"

"I still can't believe you're gonna do this, Hell, I can't believe you found a Rocky Horror troupe in the middle of Kansas."

"Now, remember, the guy who plays Brad is named Griffin Faust. When he suddenly gets sick," House made finger quote marks while saying "gets sick", "I rush in and rescue him while you rush in and rescue the show."

unfortunately, chapter 6 is missing. It dealt with Wilson playing Brad in Rocky Horror. here's the link to chapter 7:
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