April 10th, 2013

Nut House

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This is kind of eating at me. i was reading a very sad true story in a magazine about a woman whose mom died of breast cancer when she was only twelve. before she died, the mom was talking to her daughter about all these things that she wished she could be alive to see like her going to the senior prom and getting married and having kids. my mom's alive and healthy and isn't going anywhere, but what if this woman whose mom died had turned out like me? I DO NOT WANT kids, I didn't even date in high school so I certainly didn't go to the stupid prom and I don't exactly drive men wild with desire so I'm less likely to get married than the pope. When i was 12 i thought i was going to get married when I grew up but i was very naive when i was 12 and I actually thought that adult men would be less obsessed with women's appearance than boys were, I had no idea it doesn't get any better.
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