April 18th, 2013

Hugh Smile

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here are the last lines of 21 of my fics:

1. But Wilson won't stop being passive-aggressive.
2. I don't care.
3. giggle
4. "No, sir, I shall explain later."
5. "Yeah, all right."
6. "I love you both."
7. I kissed his neck. "Sure."
8. She'll be listening.
9. "Very good, sir."
10. I thought, but did NOT say out loud, "I love you, too."
12. "You're reading my mind."
13. Thanks. H.
14. He didn't say anything, but he couldn't help feeling this might work out all right.
15. Did I just hear a snicker?
16. Hand in hand, we walked into his bedroom, snuggled into eachother's arms in his bed, and made love till early in the morning.
17. "Oh, you love it."
18. As he stormed out of the bar he walked right by me and said, "Want to make some money? I'm gonna jump off the balcony tomorrow night at exactly 10:30 and I'll pay you a hundred bucks to push that guy in the pool right after I do it."
19. "Wilson, there's something I should have told you a long time ago...."
20. "I was absolutely so bored before Chi and Jennifer came over that I decided to see how many of them I could fit under my foreskin before it got uncomfortable. Oh, quit gagging, you suck my dick all the time."
21. "Did you just make yourself a freedom ring necklace out of dental floss and Fruit Loops?! You're not going to wear that to the hospital, are you?"
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