June 9th, 2013

Hugh Blue Eyes

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Weekend turned out kind of weird. yesterday I had fun with the bronies in Japantown, some of them wanted to come to the concert with me afterwards but one guy had to be dropped off in some neighborhood in SF that i didn't even recognize (which is saying a lot coming from me) which was way out of the way and then the traffic was real crazy so it took forever to come back and we wound up having to blow off the concert but we had a good time hanging out anyway, however i had to buy my own dinner instead of us getting the free food we would have had at the concert.
Had a nice time at the Haight Street fair today though and breakfast at Kate's, eggs, sausage and hush puppies with honey butter, and a beer at Magnolia's afterwards. Came home to find roomie had made up with a mutual friend he had had a disagreement with, we had a good late afternoon visit and watched some MST3K.
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