November 2nd, 2013

Bertie ?!

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Had a fantastic time at the Halloween party night before last, it was so fun! I didn't know anyone there very well but they were almost all super nice and I really enjoyed myself! Then came back yesterday afternoon and paid my rent and utilities and put $20 on my laundry card because our dirty clothes were really starting to take over the place. Then roomie and I went over to a friend's place so roomie could fix his heater and we hung out and watched part of Ken Burns' Civil War. Fascinating stuff. When roomie gets up we are going to do some major grocery shopping. Also bought some new cake pans with the metal bar that slides around in a circle so it's easier to make layer cakes. i had some problems ordering them because their website is screwed up and i kept getting cut off when I tried to order them over the phone.
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