February 12th, 2014

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it's time for my annual listing of my fanfics. I'm disappointed and kind of mad at myself that this isn't longer. When House went off I promised myself that I would keep this up but I haven't done as much as i should have, it's harder to get inspired than I thought it would be. :(

http://chocolate-frapp.livejournal.com/2013/02/19/ Insidious. The episode guest starring Stephen Fry House should have done and never did. An old friend of House's who's even more sarcastic than he is shows up for a visit and Wilson is insanely jealous. Chapter 1.
http://chocolate-frapp.livejournal.com/2013/02/20/ Chapter 2. Wilson should be more careful when he's driving.
http://chocolate-frapp.livejournal.com/2013/02/21/ Chapter 3.
http://chocolate-frapp.livejournal.com/2013/02/22/ Chapter 4.
http://chocolate-frapp.livejournal.com/2013/02/23/ Chapter 5.
http://chocolate-frapp.livejournal.com/2013/02/24/ Chapter 6.
http://chocolate-frapp.livejournal.com/2013/06/03/ I Know What You're Saying. Written for Ficathon Walks Into a Bar. House/Trailer Park Boys crossover. House and J-Roc happen to cross paths at the same strip joint in Halifax. Rated R for a lot of swearing, strippers and references to porn and weed smoking.
http://chocolate-frapp.livejournal.com/2013/07/16/ Ideomotor Effect. Murder mystery fic written for my sweetie hughville as a birthday present. House, Wilson and Cameron team up to catch a serial killer. First murder mystery I ever wrote. Chapter 1.
http://chocolate-frapp.livejournal.com/2013/07/17/ Chapter 2.
http://chocolate-frapp.livejournal.com/2013/07/18/ Chapter 3.
http://chocolate-frapp.livejournal.com/2013/07/19/ Chapter 4.
http://chocolate-frapp.livejournal.com/2013/07/21/ Chapter 5.
http://chocolate-frapp.livejournal.com/2013/07/22/ Chapter 6.
http://chocolate-frapp.livejournal.com/2013/07/24/ Chapter 7.
http://chocolate-frapp.livejournal.com/2013/07/26/ Chapter 8.
http://chocolate-frapp.livejournal.com/2013/12/21/ Icicles and Irish Coffee. Post-finale H/W (they're married now!) coziness written for petitecuriosity as a secret Santa/birthday present. I don't know who my secret Santa was because I never heard from them.

and here's a link to the first year's worth of my fics:

and here's a link to the second:

and here's a link to the third:

and the fourth:

and the fifth:
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