March 1st, 2014

Hugh Smile

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Ugh. Fucking yeast infection. At least my ear doesn't hurt anymore.
Had an interesting day yesterday. After some grocery shopping (mostly for roomie as I have less than a week left to eat normal food) I went out and saw a giant rainbow in the sky right out in front of my apt. bldg. It was really bright and a lot of people were taking pictures. Went over to hang out at Schmidt's to enjoy their fireplace because it was a cold rainy day and some old lady I didn't even know told me I had beautiful hair. Then several people at Schmidt's started watching Jeopardy and I knew a lot of the questions and a couple people told me they thought I was smart. :) One category on Jeopardy was real life weird 911 calls and apparently some drunk dude in Canada called 911 because of "a squirrel acting suspiciously". i said that sounded like something off Trailer Park Boys and a couple of people laughed. I'm always delighted to run into other people who like that show, sometimes I feel like I'm the only non-Canadian person who's even familiar with it. Then I took a long walk and then had half a small pizza and brought back the other half (I'm kind of proud of myself for this). there were a couple of scary/annoying wackos on the buses on the way home. One who kept babbling very menacing sounding conspiracy shit and another one who kept screaming. The stupid bus driver actually let the screaming one on even though he didn't have any money.
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