April 6th, 2014

Hugh Smile

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Had a nice time yesterday in downtown Berkeley, hung out at Pegasus books. I've bought books there before and the people who work there are super nice and there are always lots of interesting books there and it's not super expensive and they have good taste in music. They also have a resident cat. I think all bookstores should have a cat (despite my allergy. I can always take a pill.) Then I went and saw Grand Hotel Budapest which I liked almost as much as Life Acquatic. Coming from me that's saying a lot. Then I went to the library and had my Berkeley city library card renewed (as opposed to my Oakland and San Fran library cards, which I think are up to date) but I didn't check out any books because there wasn't time because the library was closing in 15 minutes and I didn't bring a tote bag or backpack with me. I hadn't intended on going to the library when I left the apt., it was just something I wound up doing on impulse. i should go back there with my backpack or a bigass tote bag so i can take out a bunch of books.
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