April 12th, 2014

Hugh Smile

(no subject)

Hung out on Telegraph Ave. yesterday, had an interesting time. Some of the places I used to hang out at there all the time were still there but some weren't. i miss Cafe Intermezzo (they had some of the best salads i ever ate), Tienda Ho (cool ethnic clothing), etc. They had some new restaurants that looked good but I will have to wait til i go off the diet to check them out. Also, speaking of food, they did something odd in Rasputin's, they put an ice cream parlor in the middle of a music and video store! I just hope they don't have some goober getting ice cream on the discs and wrecking them. Amoeba and Annapurna and Moe's were still there, I think those places would survive if an atom bomb got dropped on them but then again I thought that about Cody's Books and they're long gone. There isn't even anything in that space where Cody's was.
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