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Ignorance and Knowledge

(a/n: This is the first House fic I've ever written in which House himself doesn't appear. I noticed we find out nothing in canon about Cameron's family other than her not being an only child so I thought I'd write about this. note to my sweetie hughville: this isn't the fic I said I'd write for you for Xmas, that's coming later.
The following fic takes place years before canon, when Cameron was on break from med school.)

It was a few days before Thanksgiving and Allison Cameron was getting into a cab at the airport, giving her sister Amanda's address to the driver and leaning back in the seat, trying to put thoughts of gunshot injuries and other trauma out of her head. She concentrated on looking forward to seeing Amanda and her husband Bob, and her daughters Alexandra and Elizabeth. "A" names for girls were something of a tradition in her family, her mother's name was Anna and her grandmother's name was Abigail. Bob had wanted "Elizabeth" after his favorite aunt.

Allison smiled to herself. She was very fond of her family and looked forward to seeing them, and she was only sorry she couldn't have been met by them at the airport but Amanda and Bob had a party to go to that evening and had left the girls with a babysitter.

"Oh, damn," Allison thought to herself.


Clara was usually Alexandra and Elizabeth's babysitter. When Allison first met Clara she couldn't help feeling sorry for her for two reasons; she was slightly developmentally disabled and she was pathetically unattractive. She resembled a cross between John Cleese and the character Ethel from Archie comics. Allison's kindhearted nature automatically made her want to cut Clara a lot of slack until she realized Clara didn't have the sweet, gentle personality most developmentally disabled people have. She was thoroughly obnoxious. Most people with that sort of disability want very much to be liked. Clara knew people didn't like her and not only was not bothered by this but seemed to find it amusing. She was some sort of distant relative of Bob's and Allison suspected that he hired her as a babysitter out of pity. Allison also couldn't help noticing Alexandra and Elizabeth were always very stressed out and tired after Clara had been there. On top of all this, Clara had a habit of not taking showers often enough. She smelled.

When Allison got to the house and let herself in with the key Amanda had given her she already perceived two dead giveaway signs Clara was there, the smell and the lock on the phone. Clara had a gorilla-like boyfriend named Tommy and she had managed to run up a $500 telephone bill calling him (he lived in Canada) so Bob and Amanda had had to put that there when she was around. Allison couldn't believe Clara was still even allowed in the house after that incident. She rummaged around in one of her bags and pulled out a vanilla-and-flower scented candle she had been going to give as a present, considered lighting it, and then reconsidered having anything with an open flame around Clara, whom she saw sleeping on the couch.

She went to the girls' room and opened up the door.

Alexandra and Elizabeth screamed in terror, shocking Allison.

"It's me, it's me, Auntie Allison!" This screaming was nothing like them, Alexandra was usually such a cheerful little girl and Elizabeth was normally very quiet. "What's wrong?!"

Elizabeth yelled, "Auntie Allison, we thought it was the devil!!"

"The devil? Have you girls been watching scary movies on TV?" Allison deliberately tried to make her voice sound soothing, remembering them stressing this a lot in her classes about how to deal with trauma patients. "There's no such thing as the devil, were you having bad dreams?"

Alexandra was crying. "Clara says the devil comes and takes you away if you don't go to sleep fast."

"Oh, she does, does she?" Allison's fists clenched. "Honey, there's no devil, and nobody comes and takes you away or does anything bad to you for not going to sleep. Clara told you a lie, and a very silly, mean lie too." She hugged both little girls and wiped their tears. "Here." She pulled a stuffed toy unicorn and Mickey Mouse from her bag, knowing Alexandra loved unicorns and Mickey was Elizabeth's favorite cartoon character. "I brought you some special friends to snuggle with." The girls calmed down and began to smile, hugging the new toys to their hearts. "I'm going to make Clara go away. Wait, why don't your parents know what she said to you?"

Alexandra sniffed. "She said they wouldn't believe us."

"When your parents get home I'm going to tell them what happened and make sure Clara goes away and doesn't come back. Now get in bed and I'll come in later with some chocolate milk and cinnamon toast and read you Through the Looking Glass, how would that be?"

"Thank you, Auntie Allison."

"We love you."

"I love you, too."
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