March 9th, 2015

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Day 4
Seven fears or phobias.

1. Never having a boyfriend again because of my crummy appearance. Hearing Hugh of all people recite a poem that was meant to be funny about that exact subject yesterday has got me in one of the worst moods I've been in in a long time.
2. Clowns. They creep me the fuck out.
3. Rape.
4. Nuclear war.
5. Crawlspaces. I get really bad claustrophobia in that sort of situation because I got stuck in one for hours when I was a kid.
6. I used to have a really bad phobia about laughing in public because of the Charlie X episode of Star Trek and that scene with the woman with no face. I absolutely REFUSE to ever watch that Trek episode ever again.
7. Death. About the only bad aspect of being an atheist is we're more scared of dying (or losing people we love) because of course we don't believe in an afterlife.
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