March 15th, 2015


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Day 7 - Four memories you won't forget

1. My most recent birthday celebration; a great dinner of a clam roll and Sauvignon Blanc at Woodhouse's and getting to see Rifftrax make fun of a lot of weird shorts live at the Castro.
2. Getting to meet John Cleese at Disneyland. It was January of '81. I was walking past the haunted house and he was walking the other way with his kid and some guy I didn't recognize and I got his autograph. He was really friendly despite the fact that I was VERY tongue tied; he even winked at me.
3. This one time I was walking back to my car after having had a good session at my shrink's. There are a lot of houses in that neighborhood where people have their gardens in the front yard so I could see really beautiful flowers. Someone in one of the houses was playing a flute, there was a breeze caressing my face. It was very late afternoon/early evening and about a block or two away there are a lot of restaurants and I could smell food being cooked and I was drinking a Coke.
4. As a kid, being completely unable to relate to Cinderella and stories of that sort, but loving Alice in Wonderland.
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