January 12th, 2016

House Wilson Embrace

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Heard something at the stupid diet class last night that really spooked the shit out of me. I was already in a very depressed and shocked mood because David Bowie was one of my total heroes but I did not want to bring this up in class because it wasn't the right time or place to talk about that sort of thing, especially since the nutritionist's mother had recently died. (She wasn't running the class last week because she had to go to the funeral.) She was talking about her mother's last days and she had gone to her mother's house to take care of her and her mother kept hallucinating people who weren't there. This spooked the fuck out of me. This other woman in my diet class insisted that these hallucinations were angels. I'm a hardcore atheist but I kept my mouth shut to be tactful. Do dying people usually hallucinate people who aren't there? According to Ann (the nutritionist) her mom saw a lot of people and apparently didn't recognize any of them. That sounds really creepy to me but I didn't say anything. I tried to talk to roomie about my feelings about this but he didn't say anything.
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