June 13th, 2016

Bertie's Mouth

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Had a great time at the Haight St. Fair yesterday with my friend, who did a lot of clothes shopping and very badly wanted to buy some t shirt with two "demon chicks making out" as he put it, on it. He primarily didn't buy it because it wasn't the cut he wanted. He's a relatively new crossdresser and is still sort of checking out what's involved in buying women's clothes. Luckily we were in San Francisco so crossdressers are unlikely to get shitty attitudes from people working in clothing stores. (Especially considering how much money he was spending. Business people aren't that stupid.)
him: "Lesbian demon chicks are my House and Wilson."
me: (big smile) "okay, then".
then I come home to this shit in Florida on the news with some maniac killing a lot of gay guys, Ken Burns trying to force everyone to poop out kids whether they want to or not while claiming he's all for women having a choice what to do with their own bodies, and that asshole Trump giving me more fucking nightmares. And people want to know why I don't follow the news much.
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