January 16th, 2017

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Take A Giant Step Outside Your Mind
A Monkees Fanfic

Chapter One

As the boys finished the last strains of "Auntie Griselda", they looked out at the audience and smiled, taking their bows and loving every second of the applause and cheers. They noticed their friends (and "brother" band) the Hampsters right up front, and Micky smiled right at his girlfriend Laura, the lead guitarist. The Hampsters and the Monkees almost always came to eachothers' gigs and all of them got along great, with one exception.
"Why doesn't Andy like us?" Peter's lip wobbled.
Katie, the Hampsters' lead singer and Mike's sort of half girlfriend and half buddy, hugged Peter. "I don't know, I know he digs your music just as much as you guys like his bass playing. Andy has always kind of kept to himself. All the rest of us Hampsters dig you guys, you know that. Come on, let's go back to our place and Guillermo and Charlotte can make dinner."
Mike smiled. "All right! I don't know which I like better, Guillermo's tacos or burgers a la Charlotte Fukui."
Charlotte giggled.
Mike whispered, "Anyway I'm getting tired of Peter making dinner, all he knows how to make is Frosted Flakes."
Laura gave Micky a big kiss. "Also, he's too shy to say so but Benji wrote a new song he wants Davy to hear and Charlotte wants to show Micky here her new snare."
Davy gave a thumbs up and winked. "Can't wait to hear it." Then the smile dropped from his face. "But is Andy going to be there? I can't help noticing he always seems to get into a worse mood whenever I show up. I think the reason he doesn't like us has something to do with me."
All the other five Hampsters looked uncomfortable, even Guillermo, who was usually unphased by anything, whether it was monsters, aliens, gangsters or anything other than an untuned piano.
The Monkeemobile followed the Hampstermobile (really an early '50s paneled truck with a psychedelic paint job by Katie) to the Hampsters' house.

to be continued
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