October 29th, 2017

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I've been sleeping even worse than usual these past two nights but other than that I've been in a very good mood. I've been watching some awesome TV shows and movies, reading interesting stuff, listening to great music, and the Saturday before Halloween thing was so fun! I was good and didn't eat hardly any candy myself, just took a lot back to roomie, had fun hanging out with a friend and looking at all the wild costumes. Stopped off at my fave local cafe (they happen to be vegan but their desserts are fucking INCREDIBLE, you wouldn't know they were vegan. I'm a serious baker and I don't know how they do it) just to have a cup of tea and costume-watch and they were selling something called Monster cupcakes (because of how they were decorated, not "monster" as in big) and I go to the woman at the counter "Are your monster cupcakes made from real monsters?" and she laughs and goes "That's not vegan!" and I go "depends on what kind of monster" and she laughed again. Also there was one lady who was dressed up like Fred Flinstone and I asked her if she had to keep walking past the same house and the same tree to get there but she didn't get it so I had to explain the joke to her.
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