January 8th, 2018

Hugh Blue Eyes

(no subject)

I have talked here before occasionally about this woman in my bldg with fucked up eyes who has acted like a bitch to me (and my parents) repeatedly. She happened to be at the elevator at the same time as me earlier this afternoon. She was with her little kid and talking a lot but most of it wasn't in English except for her counting and getting stuck on nine. She pointed at me and said something to the kid. I'm sure it was some sort of insult or lie. She has encouraged her kids to be afraid of me before. As if I would ever do anything nasty to a kid, regardless of how I felt about the parents! As the elevator opened up, this other woman in my bldg (whom I happen to like a lot) was getting off with her dog. I got on and had the class to hold open the door for the bitch. No thanks of course.
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