February 20th, 2018

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Last night I tried to go to my weight loss class but apparently Marty forgot to tell me it was cancelled due to the holiday so I started going back home but I heard someone moaning and sounding like they were in pain so I went to look and found some guy saying he'd been pepper sprayed and asking me to help him get home. We were only about a block from an emergency room and I tried to talk him into going there instead but this is how bad I am at trying to talk anybody into anything. He insisted on going home so I helped him over to this house a few blocks away. He said he lived there but he didn't have a key for some reason. He knocked on the window and a very old lady answered (and took her time doing it too) and she seemed really confused like she wasn't even sure who he was. He definitely wasn't lying about being pepper sprayed though, I had had to touch him in order to walk him back to that house and my hand really fucking hurt like it was burning up. I washed it and then put aloe vera gel on it but it still hurt. Roomie said baking soda would help so I tried that. It did help, thank fuck, it still hurts now but not anywhere near as much as it did last night.
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