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February 27th, 2019

I was woken up at about one in the morning by the power going out. I should mention here to those of you who don't already know it that I have a very bad phobia of power failures due to a nasty situation involving one when I was about twelve. Roomie stepped up like a real champ and helped calm me down. I was eventually able to get back to sleep.
When I woke up several hours later the power was back on but I couldn't take a shower because the water heaters weren't working and I'm not taking a cold shower when I've got bronchitis! I went to the drugstore to get deodorant but I couldn't get anything else I was looking for including over the counter cough medicine which was for coughs only. I don't want to get the multi-symptom stuff because I'm nervous about the possibilty of it's reacting badly to the meds that are already in my inhaler, and I'm not paying $54 for that scrip cough medicine! I wonder if Safeway would have that sort of thing.
I got home a few hours later and the water heater was working so I took a shower (I haven't taken a shower in the afternoon in a LONG time).