May 15th, 2019

House Wilson Caramelldansen

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I am living in a fucking insane asylum. One of my neighbors left her keys in the mailbox lock so I went and told her. At first she wouldn't even answer her door. Then when she FINALLY opened the door she was terrified of me for reasons I can't even guess at. I tried to tell her about the keys but she didn't speak English so I pointed at my keys, then at her, then downstairs (where the mailboxes are). And no, I didn't yell or do anything that could be considered threatening. She just stood there looking like she was gonna shit in her pants so I gave up and left. I tried to get ahold of the building manager to at least figure what language this woman speaks (annd maybe find someone to translate) but I couldn't find her.
I did have a nice dinner w/ my parents last night.
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