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June 2nd, 2019

I'm kind of forcing myself to go back to my old exercise routine that I had before I got bronchitis because I'm pretty much over it now so I've been doing lots of swimming and I went on a long walk yesterday while I was giving roomie and his boyfriend some privacy. had a nice time though for the most part, it was a beautiful day and then I went to this cool place I hang out at sometimes and had a glass of wine and listened to some cool old records including the Beatles. The one fucked up thing I witnessed yesterday was about nine kids at a bus stop, seven of whom were crammed onto one bench. They were hitting eachother and pulling eachother's hair and throwing things at eachother nonstop and they were really into a game apparently called Let's Push Eachother Off The Sidewalk Into Oncoming Traffic. One of the little fucks almost got hit by a damn car doing this but it didn't scare them enough to stop doing it. Then when the bus came they tried to run a scam by getting on without paying. Of course the bus driver was having none of it and kicked them off. I see more and more fucked up behavior from kids all the time.