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July 22nd, 2019

Jul. 22nd, 2019

I don't get kids. I was going back to my apt from another part of the bldg and this kid who lives in my bldg whom I don't know starts telling me that her baby brother just got baptized and if her mom has another baby she's going to call me. I don't know what she wanted. At first I thought she was trying to convince me to be a babysitter but she said that wasn't it. Then she thought i didn't know what a baptism was so I'm all, "yeah, I know what it is". Then she repeated that she was going to call me if her mom had another baby. How she's going to do that I don't know seeing as she doesn't kniow my name, my phone number or which apartment I live in. She knows what floor I live on but there are FIFTY apartments on that floor alone. I go "I don't know what you want" and she wouldn't tell me.